Amazing Bike Ride in Sri Lanka (13 Days)

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From Colombo to Colombo

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Places and Experiences



Relaxing at Negombo


Observing the Fishing Villages at Negombo


Visiting Dambulla Cave Temple


Exploring the Beauty of the Dambulla City


Hiking Sigiriya Rock Fortress


Exploring the Ancient City of Polonnaruwa


Visiting the Angammedilla National Park


Relaxing at Kandy / Exploring the City of Kandy


Cycling Tour in Peradeniya


Tasting Sri Lankan Tea from the Tea Outlets


Exploring the Beauty of the Hill Country of Sri Lanka


Climbing the Adam’s Peak


Visiting a Surf Camp


Exploring the Beautiful Coastal City of Galle


Relaxing at Mirissa


When you arrive in Sri Lanka, you will be able to find one of our representatives from Next Travel Sri Lanka at the Arriving Lounge of the Colombo Airport paging your name. Once your identity is confirmed, you will be guided to the luxurious and comfortable vehicle provided to you, and you will be transferred to your hotel in Negombo. The ride will approximately take around half an hour, and on the way, you will be able to witness the scenic surroundings of this coastal town, along with the day to day bustling lifestyles of the Sri Lankans. However, we have not set any special plans for this day, as we believe that you need a good rest after a tiring flight. Still, depending on your arrival time, you can spend your evening leisurely as your heart desires. And then in the evening, your guide will hold a short trip briefing, and then take the group for a Welcome Dinner, which would surely offer you the perfect ending for the day.
This day is surely going to be an exciting day for you.  Yes, we would be starting our cycling tour on this day. So, following the breakfast, we would be directly riding from the hotel along the coastal road of the wonderful town of Negombo. Thus this tour would create you opportunities to experience the beauty of this coastal town at its best. Besides, this coastal town is more popular as a fishing shore as well. So, keeping the sea on the left, you would be passing the distinct patchwork sails of the Karavas fishing community while you cycle. Further, their boats pulled up along the beach, the fishing nets being pulled by the fishermen, and the vendors selling fresh fish on the shores would surely provide you with wonderful sceneries, that you have not experienced before. Moreover, these sights would offer you amazing photo opportunities as well. However, after cycling around 30 km, we would be heading inland, giving you a chance to experience the flavours of Sri Lankan life. Besides, after cycling for around 50 km, we would be racking up the bikes. Then we would transfer to Dambulla, and the lunch would be by the Kurunegala lake. During this tour, Dambulla Cave Temple would be one of the most important places we visit, as it happens to be the best-preserved cave temple in the country which houses a large collection of statues and murals. Following the exploration of this cultural and religious attraction, we would be transferring you or cycling to our hotel that is nestled in a natural setting.
  • Riding distance: 54 km
  • Uphill: 402m
  • Downhill: 364m
The third day of the tour is dedicated to witnessing the charm of the splendid city of Dambulla. Once you cross the boundaries of this bustling city premise of Dambulla, you would find some alluring village areas. And yes, we have chosen these areas for our cycling tour of this day. So, during this city tour, you would be passing some scenic paddy fields shaded with the alluring greenery, some village houses settled amidst the wonderful surroundings and some stalls that offer you mouth-watering street food, fruits, and snacks. Moreover, we would be riding past the scenic shores of Kandalama Lake, located in the heart of Dambulla city. Then, we would head towards the beautiful village of Sigiriya that houses the ancient Sigiriya rock fortress. Of course, you are going to hike this rock fortress that stands majestically. So, we would park the bikes, walk through the old water gardens of the Sigiriya premises, and then begin the climb to this massive rock, which would take nearly three hours up and down. Following our descent, we would head to a local restaurant to enjoy a delicious lunch. And then in the afternoon, the ride follows an irrigation canal and finally we would head back to our hotel in Dambulla.
  • Riding distance: 60km
  • Uphill: 500m
  • Downhill: 578m
On this day, we would be heading to the ancient city of Polonnaruwa. It is more like a historical park than a city. There are many cultural and religious attractions, ruins, and sculptures at Polonnaruwa, as it was the second kingdom of ancient Sri Lanka. Besides, this ancient city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site as well. So, you can ride through, explore the grandeur of this majestic ancient city, and amuse your eyes with the delights of the past. However, after completing this ancient city cycling tour, we have a 20-minute transfer to our hotel on the banks of the reservoir.
  • Riding distance: 78km
  • Uphill: 538m
  • Downhill: 655m
On the fifth day of the tour, we are starting the ride from the city of Polonnaruwa itself. Accordingly, the first visit would be to the lake of Parakramabahu, named after great King Parakramabahu who built it. However, the cycling tour around this massive sea like a lake would be a wonderful experience as you would be able to experience a series of wonderful sights. Further, a part of this ride goes through the Angammedilla National Park, which would further enhance the delight of your ride. It is a forest reserve, and an elephant corridor that links Wasgamuwa and Minneriya National Parks. So, passing this corridor would surely offer you an exciting experience as well. However, following the ride passing the Ambon Ganga (river), we would ride back towards its start point in the foothills around Naula. The lunch would be at Matale, and then we would continue the journey towards the scenic city of Kandy.
  • Riding distance: 75km
  • Uphill: 620m
  • Downhill: 381m
Hours of cycling every day for a number of days is indeed tiring. So, we have dedicated this day to you to relax a bit. So, while enjoying the scenic environment, and the relaxing and pleasant climate of the wonderful city of Kandy, you can take a good rest at your hotel itself. Besides, the Kingdom of Kandy being the last capital kingdom of ancient Sri Lanka, this city houses a number of historical attractions, that reveal to the world the value of the Sri Lankan culture and traditions. So, if you are interested in observing them, you can use this day to explore the sacred city of Kandy, which is also a UNESCO world heritage site and visit some shops to do some shopping as well. However, if you go out on this day, make sure that you visit the Temple of the Tooth Relic, the most sacred religious attraction of Buddhists in Sri Lanka.
After a day of rest, we are heading to the Central Highlands of Sri Lanka. Accordingly, our final destination for the day would be the beautiful town of Hatton. However, this ride to the hill country of the island is a bit challenging. So, if anyone wishes to choose an alternative, take it easy because you have the option of choosing the train for the final part of the Hatton ride. And then, a short transfer would take you to the wonderful town of Peradeniya, which houses the charming Royal Botanical Garden. However, the cycling tour in Peradeniya begins at the University of Peradeniya, and then along a river valley with some short climbs and downs, you would arrive at our first tea stop in Gampola. Thereafter, you can choose to travel by train. If not, you can ride along the tea carpeted slopes of the hill country, while stopping at the tea outlets to brew the best tea on the island, fresh from their respective estates. And on the way, you can surely stop at tea estates, and Hindu shrines to capture some amazing photographs as well. However, at the end of this tour, we would be arriving at one of the old colonial tea planter bungalows set in lovely gardens.
  • Riding distance: 78km
  • Uphill: 1530m
  • Downhill: 891m
The eighth day of the tour is getting more amazing and exciting, as it offers you a number of fascinations. The ride would begin along the tea estate tracks and head towards the Peak Wilderness and the distinctive triangle-shaped mountain, known as Adam’s Peak. This climb, or rather the trek is a bit challenging, yet interesting. The tea pluckers, their children, and the villagers would welcome you with a smile and greet you as you head towards this climb. Up to Bogawanthalwa, the climb is of course easy, and the last 10 km is a bit difficult, yet more interesting. The alluring views it offers, the relaxing climate and the alluring surroundings are sure to amuse your eyes. However, the mountain pass is part of the Peak Forest Reserve; which contains many rare, endemic plants as well as groups of bear monkeys. Besides, following the climb, the way down this journey is more fantastic, as you have to descend through small villages and tea communities that end close to Balangoda. And following this wonderful experience, you would be enjoying a delicious lunch at a local restaurant, pack the bikes and then transfer to the hotel nestled amidst a scenic surrounding on the edge of the Udawalawe National Park.
  • Riding distance: 58km
  • Uphill: 1040m
  • Downhill: 1675m
On this day, we would be riding from the hotel to the Udawalawe National Park which is located around 21 km away. This park which is surrounded by a reservoir is a wonderful home for a wide array of wildlife, especially Asian elephants. Besides, these creatures living in their natural habitat themselves create perfect opportunities for you to capture their real live movements at their best. So, despite the fact whether you are a nature lover, a wildlife lover, a photographer, or an adventure seeker, this place holds a bunch of fascinations for you. However, following this visit, we would be enjoying our lunch at a nearby eco-lodge, and then mount our bicycles to follow an irrigation canal back towards our hotel.
  • Riding distance: 52km
  • Uphill: 415m
  • Downhill: 414m
On this day, we would be heading to the scenic coast of Mirissa. And from the hotel, we would be using some of the back roads for some fantastic cross-country riding. And we assure you that they would offer you the best of this Southern Coast of Sri Lanka. However, while enjoying this ride, we would stop at several places as well to experience the tastes of Sri Lankan fruits, as well as to witness the genuine heartfelt hospitality of Sri Lankans. Nevertheless, our aim is to get to the shores of Mirissa as early as possible. Yes, that’s simply because you have many and more things to enjoy on this beautiful coast. Further, if you are willing to enjoy some watersports, Mirissa is the best for that as well. Especially, if you love surfing, you can simply visit the surf camp and enjoy your day as your heart desires. After enjoying this beach, you would be dining at one of the many nearby restaurants in the evening, making a perfect ending for a well-spent day.
  • Riding distance: 81km
  • Uphill: 844m
  • Downhill: 932m
Cycling through the scenic surroundings of pleasant villages, paddy fields, and cinnamon tea estates, we would be arriving at the iconic city of Galle. And yes, starting from the Galle Fort which is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, there is a lot more for you to explore in this city, that stands with grandeur. As you cycle through the streets within this city, you would surely realize the charm of the colonial-era architecture, as the constructions that stand by the roads still have shades of them. Besides, the lighthouse that stands tall, the scenic beauty of the Galle shores are sure to fascinate your eyes furthermore. And yes, relaxing a bit on these sandy stretches would be a perfect idea for you if you need a bit of rest during this cycling tour.
  •  Riding distance: 39km
  • Uphill: 237m
  • Downhill: 233m
The eleventh day of the tour is going to be a day of relaxation. And believe us, this break by the alluring beach of Sri Lanka is surely going to be way more exciting than you ever imagined. The astounding sights the blue waves would create as they touch the golden stretches, the cool winds that come from the sea, and the greenery around will fascinate your eyes, and soother your soul beyond a doubt.
This wonderful tour of fun and excitement ends as we drop you back at the Colombo International Airport or a hotel in the vicinity. After all, we believe that this tour package features the best of the island, satisfying the true favours. Besides, if you prefer to make your dream trip in Sri Lanka a reality, in exactly the way your heart desires, we are here to offer you tailor-made tour packages as well. Contact us for more information. Happy and Safe Travelling!

What is included

Let it be a stay by the golden stretches, a chill amidst the cool breeze or a holiday surrounded by the lush greenery! Whatever your heart desires, the wide array of star class hotels in Sri Lanka are ready to cater to you. And for this tour, we would be providing you accommodation in excellent 4-star hotels, on bed and breakfast basis.
Of course, there is so much on this island to explore, and getting around this country is not an issue at all! From arrival transfer to departure transfer, we would offer you a trip with excellent comfort in an air-conditioned vehicle. Also, we guarantee you that the vehicles we offer are in perfect condition, and thus, a hassle-free ride is ensured for you.
Dishes in Sri Lanka are a true delight! Hence, you should never miss a chance to experience the authenticity and the exclusivity of the mouth-watering Sri Lankan tastes. However, this package includes 12 breakfasts, 10 lunches, and 11 dinners. Still, take it easy because our representatives might help you figure out the rest of the meals upon your request. Further, any of the Sri Lankan hotels/restaurants would allow you to choose among the below selections, for each of your main meals.
  • Starters
  • Soups
  • Appetizers
  • Sri Lankan Food
    • Milk Rice
    • String Hoppers
    • Hoppers
    • Rice and Curry
    • Pol Roti
    • Pittu
    • Those
  • Noodles Dishes
  • Seafood Platters
  • International Cuisine
  • Beverages
  • Starters
  • Soups
  • Appetizers
  • Rice and Curry
  • Noodles Dishes
  • Seafood Platters
  • International Cuisine
  • Beverages
  • Deserts
  • Starters
  • Soups
  • Appetizers
  • Sri Lankan Food
    • String Hoppers
    • Hoppers
    • Rice and Curry
    • Pol Roti
    • Pittu
  • Noodles Dishes
  • Seafood Platters
  • International Cuisine
  • Deserts
Also, please note that these are the general food items that any of the hotels would offer you, and there may be a wide variety of additional dishes depending on the hotel you dine at. Further, we would be providing you with water and snacks during the tour, and the unique and varied dining experiences, along with the welcome and farewell dinners of this package will further enhance the delight of this tour for sure.
It is true that one can visit the attractions on this island on their own. Still, let us assure you that having a travel guide makes your journey more wonderful, and stress-free. In fact, they know about this island like the back of their hands. They are capable of enlightening you about each and every place you visit. Going beyond, they would turn out to be a companion of yours, inspired with a passion to fulfill your expectations on this beautiful island. Hence, we make sure to provide you with the following services with regard.
  • Locally based professional driver.
  • English-speaking tour guide who is an experienced cyclist
  • A tour leader for a group that exceeds 10 members.
Certainly, it would be the quality of the bike and equipment that would enhance the delight of a cycling tour. Thus, we would be providing you with the following equipment and accessories for you to experience the best out of this wonderful tour.
  • Lightweight 24 to 27-speed gearing, disc-brakes mountain bikes
  • Biking equipment: helmet, first aid kit, bike repairs kit
  • Support vehicle throughout the tour
Certain National Parks, Gardens, Historical Monuments, and Cultural Attractions on this island require the visitors to purchase an entrance fee, in order to enter the site. Yet, you have nothing to worry about, because this package includes entrance tickets for those monuments, offering you comprehensive sightseeing as per itinerary.
We recommend you have travel insurance to enjoy yourself more and travel stress-free on this paradise island of Sri Lanka. Yet, insurance is NOT INCLUDED in our tour packages. Tourists are responsible for choosing the insurance packages that suit them the most and getting themselves insured.
International Flights are NOT INCLUDED in our packages. It is up to the visitors to take care of their flight bookings and our tour packages, and additional services begin only once they arrive in Sri Lanka.
Of course, you will be provided with accommodation. Still, it is up to the travellers to bear personal expenses for pre and post-tour accommodation. Further, the travellers should bear their cost for anything that is not mentioned in the Itinerary, such as alcoholic/non-alcoholic drinks, visa fees, tips and portage, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Grabbing out the best essence out of a wonderful holiday destination indeed requires a good plan. Yet, proper planning surely requires a good knowledge about the destination as well. In that case, you will certainly need a helping hand to know more about what to expect, how to get ready, and mostly, to clear out your doubts. However, as an experienced team working close to the hearts of our travellers, we clearly understand what troubles your mind, and your desire to travel with peace of mind. Thus, we have answered the most frequently asked questions, so that you can easily clear out your doubts just in a second. So, why not? Have a look at the below section, and we are sure that we have answered your question!
Abiding by the new normal, Sri Lanka is now open for tourists after the COVID-19 pandemic. Yet, quarantine measures are different for the vaccinated and unvaccinated tourists.
Completing two weeks upon receiving the recommended doses of COVID-19 vaccinations will make you begin travelling on the island sooner. Apart from that, Sri Lanka requires no mandatory vaccinations before arrival.
The natural marvels of the island nation Sri Lanka, which includes the golden shores, charming cascades, scenic landscapes, and diverse wildlife are indeed capable of attracting any tourist. Besides, its rich cultural heritage, delightful festivals, pleasant climate, exclusive cuisines, and extensive range of facilities for affordable prices, simply make tourists go to Sri Lanka, at any time of the year.
Tourists are only permitted to get to Sri Lanka, by air.
Yes, of course! If you are arriving in Sri Lanka for a holiday, for medical treatments, or to take part in an event, you will require a Tourist Visa.
Any foreigner who plans to arrive in Sri Lanka should obtain an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) through The website also contains a full guide on obtaining the ETA, along with the payment details.
The Visa is valid for 30 days.
Yes, you can. Still, you have to apply for a visa extension, before your current visa expires. All you have to do is collect the visa extension form from the Head Office of the Department of Immigration and Emigration (You can also download the form from here), and submit the duly filled application, along with the following.
  • Return Air Ticket
  • Details of the place of accommodation
  • The application along with a photograph of the applicant
Also, please note that the applicant should be present to collect the visa.
It is always better to have your National Identity Card, and Passport with you when travelling around the island.
In brief, Sri Lanka is a year-round destination. Thus, it always has something to do and somewhere to visit on this island. Still, it is always better to choose a time where the monsoon rains do not impact the area you plan to visit in Sri Lanka. This complete overview of the weather and climate of Sri Lanka, and the official website of the Department of Meteorology, Sri Lanka will help you with regard.
You can either use public transportation which includes the bus and train services. If not, you can even hire a taxi, a tuk-tuk, or hire a vehicle to drive yourself.
Sri Lanka Rupees (SLR) is the currency used in Sri Lanka.
Not really! If you are using public transportation, enjoying meals from budget restaurants, and taking accommodation at budget hotels, you can experience the holiday at your heart’s core, at a low budget. Thus, the cost depends upon your choices. Still, a holiday in Sri Lanka is simply cheaper than many other tourist destinations across the world.
The best is to wear comfortable materials, preferable cotton, linen, or rayon since Sri Lanka is warm most of the time. Besides, if you are visiting a religious place, the best is to wear something light colour that covers from your shoulders to your knees, to blend with the culture there. Besides, having a shawl will help you to cover yourself in instances where your attire is inappropriate to visit such a place.
As long as you are travelling in a populated area it is safe to travel alone in Sri Lanka. Still, if you are a female travelling alone, the best is to wear an attire that covers your body, and also, wearing a fake wedding ring, acting familiar, etc. will help you avoid unnecessary hassles. However, the best is to avoid night rides, and use google location if you are travelling alone!
Most can! Still, some locals would only be familiar with Sinhala and Tamil languages. However, hand signals will help you in instances as such.
  • Simply, cultural and religious values run through the veins of Sri Lankans. So, never disrespect any religion. Avoid posing with funny actions at religious sites. Besides, dresses or tattoos with religious slogans or images might pave the way for unnecessary disturbances.
  • Avoid public nudity and kissing.
  • Never take photographs without permission.

Good to Know

The delight of a Sri Lankan holiday needs no further exaggerations. Its natural splendours, pleasant weather and climate, welcoming smiles of Sri Lankans, and every other bit of this wonderful paradise are surely going to enchant anyone who visits it. Still, in order to witness the true delight of this wonderful destination, knowing a few more things would certainly benefit you. Keep calm, and have a look below. They will help you make the most out of your time on this splendid island nation!

Electricity is not an issue in the present, especially around tourist hotspots. It is true that some extremely rural areas still lack this facility. Still, we can assure you that those areas are out of the tourist zones. However, Sri Lanka operates on a 230V supply voltage and 50 Hz. Hence, be mindful of bringing compatible devices or voltage converters. Besides, it is always better to have with you a power bank, rechargeable lamp, etc. because emergency power cuts could occur once in a while.
As you might already know, Sri Lankan Rupees is the currency used in Sri Lanka. The best would be to bring USDs with you and then to exchange them for the local currency once you arrive. Doing so will offer you opportunities to get better exchange rates as well. Besides, Mastercards and Visa Cards are widely accepted, while American Express Cards are also often accepted. Still, it is always better to have cash in hand, since most of the local boutiques around tourist attractions do not have the facilities to accept credit cards. Also, ATMs are available islandwide. Still, not all of them accept international cards. The daily transaction limit usually ranges between SLR 100,000 to SLR 200,000 and a transaction fee is imposed upon every transaction. Moreover, banks are open on weekdays from 9 AM to 3 PM and closed on weekends. Still, some main cities have a few banks that are open 24/7, or either till night hours.
Of course, telecommunication facilities are available almost island-wide, except for the extremely rural areas. If you are planning to stay connected during your trip to Sri Lanka, the best would be to buy a local sim since the mobile service providers here offer perfect tourist plans that would simply save you money. Also, buying a sim in Sri Lanka is not that hard. You can buy one easily from the airport premises, or the outlets islandwide.
As you already know, Sri Lanka holds accommodation facilities that cover an extensive range. Starting with the Home StaysGuest HousesBungalows, to Medium-Scale Hotels, and Super-Luxury Hotels, this paradise island has it all. Of course, the price might vary upon your selections and the facilities they offer. Still, accommodation facilities are indeed cheaper in Sri Lanka, when compared with tourist destinations worldwide. However, some of the Home-stays, Guesthouses, and Bungalows might not have AC and hot water facilities. Hence, if you are concerned with regard, it is always better to ask about these little things before placing your bookings. Besides, finding accommodation during the off-season might not be that hard. Still, it is always best to hunt for accommodation a few days earlier, just to travel with pace in mind.
Discovering the unique flavours of Sri Lankan Foodseafood, and cultural dishes would simply be a delightful experience that you can ever imagine! Let it be the luxurious hotels that offer you both local and international cuisine, and the small boutiques or the street stalls that amaze you with their mouth-watering tastes, all of them are impressive beyond words. However, local dishes might be a bit spicy. Thus, it is always better to inform the cook earlier, if you prefer less spicy food. Besides, the cost of food in Sri Lanka highly varies depending on the place you choose to dine, and the dishes you select.
Photography and videography are not forbidden in Sri Lanka. Still, make sure you request permission, especially if you are capturing locals, their boutiques, or their houses. Besides, never turn your back to religious statues, or pose with them with funny poses, since Sri Lanka is a country backed with strong cultural values. Also, whenever you visit a religious or a cultural attraction, or a museum, make sure to check for notices. Photography and videography are strictly prohibited in certain places, and using the flasher is strictly prohibited in some sites with historical paintings, and murals. Going beyond, photography and videography in some places require prior permission or payments. Hence, making memories is always fine, yet, it is always better to be mindful of the restrictions. And yes, your travel guide will simply help you with these concerns!
As you might already know, Sri Lanka is a country with a rich cultural heritage. Thus, we encourage you to follow the below ethics when visiting religious places in Sri Lanka.
  • Most religious places encourage visitors to wear a light colour attire that covers their body, shoulder to knees. Thus, if you are visiting a religious place, make sure that you do not wear shorts, crop tops, skinnies, etc. Also, having a shawl with you will help you cover your body at such times, in order to blend with the culture there.
  • Visitors enter the religious place barefoot and caps, hats, scarfs, etc. are removed before entering the site.
  • The tranquillity of the religious places in Sri Lanka is simply impressive. Hence, make sure you mind your behaviour.
Indeed, safety is first! So, it is always better to keep an eye on animals, especially on the stray dogs on the roads. Be mindful when feeding them, or touching them. And by chance, if a stray dog or any other animal bit you, make sure you arrive at the nearest government hospital, and they will make sure to treat you accordingly.