Our Commitment to Users’ Privacy

As we take pride in fulfilling the travel dreams of our beloved customers, we also take every step in ensuring our customer’s privacy. Accordingly, our privacy policy governs how our entity collects, uses, maintains and discloses information obtained from our users, through our booking system, https://tourpackagessrilanka.com/. However, this privacy policy is not applicable for any other entity, agents, or service providers that we do not own, or control.

Data Collection, and Processing of Data

We may collect a variety of personal identification details from users in a number of ways, especially when visiting the site, contacting us, filling out a form, and when obtaining a service from us. In fact, the main personal identification details we collect would be the user’s name, email address, and contact number. Apart from that, we might collect users’ order/ booking details, data such as insurance details required for the fulfilment of contractual obligations, advertising and documentation data such as browser records, register data, image and sound data such as telephone recordings, information from users’ electronic communication such as IP addresses, and cookies, and the data required for the compliance with legal requirements. Yet, we assure you that we collect and process data only as a part of a business relationship, and they are solely in order to fulfil the necessities that arise when managing users’ inquiries, bookings, or the other additional services we offer.

Besides, it is through Paypal transactions and direct deposits that the customers would make payments to us. Hence, we do not save any of users’ credit card details with us, and the security of users’ sensitive information is thus guaranteed.

Use of Data, and Legitimate Purpose

We adopt appropriate data collection, storage and processing practices, and security measures, in order to serve our customer through our site. As mentioned earlier, we would be collecting users’ data only based on a business relationship. Further, we are using them only within the scope of booking management, execution of the bookings, and other additional facilities coupled with our services. Accordingly, the data that we obtain from our users will be only processed by us, or an authorized third party. Hence, the legitimate purpose of utilizing our users’ data is thereby ensured, and we take every action possible to safeguard users’ privacy rights upon data disclosures.

Also, we avoid selling or renting users’ contact details to any other third party, and users’ personal details will be shared with any other third party, only upon users’ expressed consent. Accordingly, we do not share the details with another third unless

(i) stated for otherwise in this Privacy Policy;
(ii) we obtain users’ consent;
(iii) a service provided on our site requires interaction with the user to proceed ahead with the services;
(iv) required by legal process or law enforcement;
v) a user violates our privacy policy, Terms and Conditions, or any other guideline or an ethic, and is reasonably necessary for us to protect our legal rights;
(vi) a third party purchases this site and uses the data in the same way we did

Still, within the legitimate framework of balancing interests of us, or a third party, the data will be utilized for the below.

  • Direct customer approach procedures
  • Reviews
  • Requirement analysis
  • Advertising
  • Market and Opinion Research
  • Consultations
  • Identification of default risks
  • Setting Measures for the safety of employees, customers, and property
  • Business Management
  • Development of services
  • Measures for prosecution
  • Enhancing User Experience

Besides, if the user chooses to click a link of one of our partners, suppliers, advertisers, sponsors, licensors or any other third party, on this site, the users are highly advised to read the privacy policies that appear on those sites. This privacy policy that we state here is strictly applicable only for our site, and not for the advertised service providers, or linked entities.

Recipients of Data

Users’ data will be only viewed by authorized team members of our entity. Also, if any kind of data needs to be shared with a third party in order to offer you a service, the most essential details would be shared accordingly. We cannot guarantee that the scale of data protection in a third part reaches the same as ours. Still, the users should be aware that the transfer of certain personal data to a third party is necessary to fulfil certain requirements coupled with the services we offer.

Apart from that, we may share your data with our advertising partners, in order to ensure that our advertisements meet the right audience. Yet, we guarantee you that only the email addresses are shared with parties as such, and they are also shared in hash form so that they cannot use them for any other purposes.

Protection Rights

Our users have the right to make inquiries and obtain information about their data stored with us, and about the scope of processing them. In addition, they also have the right to data portability, the right to limit the data’s processing, correct them, and delete them as well. Moreover, the users have the right to revoke any consent at any time, if they need certain procedures to be restricted in the future.


Similar to any other platforms, we set and use cookies with the aim of enhancing the User Experience. Moreover, our site will also feature advertisements, and they may set and access cookies on your computing device. Still, it is subjected to the privacy policy of those parties who are providing the advertisements.

Age Restrictions

Our site does not allow individuals under the age of 18 to place bookings. According to our age restrictions, they should be accompanied by a guardian in order to take part in tours organized by us.

No Guarantee

This Privacy policy states our standards in valuing the rights of our users’ privacy, and we strive to abide by them at the best. Still, we hereby declare that we do not guarantee these standards. In fact, we cannot take responsibility for the data disclosures that occur due to factors that are beyond our control. Hence, we disclaim any warranties associated with the maintenance or the nondisclosure of data.

Also, we believe that using this site signifies the users’ acceptance of our policy. Therefore, kindly refrain from using our site if you do not agree with this policy statement. Also, please note that this statement will be continuously assessed in order to abide by the changing business requirements of the modern world. Even if so, the users’ continuity in using our site will be deemed their acceptance of those changes. Hence, we advise our users to review this privacy policy periodically to become aware of modifications.

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We value users’ right to privacy, and we take it seriously. Hence, we need you to feel comfortable in using our platform, and services. That is the sole reason behind bringing to you this privacy policy, and we believe that this provides you with a better overview to make informed decisions when using our website, and services. Still, if you have any doubts about this privacy policy or about any of the services we offer, feel free to contact us. We are available from 8 a.m to 10 p.m., all 7 days.